Is This Seriously How Social Media Is Responding to Nouman Ali Khan?

  • Del

    Thank you Muslim Girl for yet again an on-point article.

  • Ocean

    Based on research 80% of American Muslim girls have boyfriends, now if some of them are throwing them self to NAK but they couldn’t succeed now they are telling they are the victims. What the fuck is wrong with the world 😬

    • Hauwa

      lol I highly doubt that ….

      • El Cid

        “lol I highly doubt that ….”
        You would hijabi. You hijabi are the top predators. In neck to neck competition with your Hindoo sisters. Your hijab is your camouflage. You don’t miss a trick 😉

  • Beanie Notthehat

    This article didn’t say anything except “Stop blaming the victims.” But as that one message said, how are they victims? You claim to be feminists and yet, any time something happens to a woman, she is too inferior to make her own decisions and take responsibility for what she’d done.