Meet the Badass Muslim Artist Behind the BOY/BYE Campaign

  • Deema Barahim

    I find that the most important point of this movement is empowering women of colour through their artwork by providing a space for them to promote their work and thrive. I think that creating a space where women of colour can freely express their views through their art work is so important in moving towards the social change of breaking stereotypes. This is due to the importance of self expression, through artwork, which is a foundation of social change because once minorities are able to present themselves in a manner that best reflects them individually, stereotypes can begin to diminish because there is a unique sense of self within different races, genders, religions, etc. I think this is best reflected in the interview when Sara says ‘the inspiration of the boy/bye series includes women of colour as we know them: unapologetic, assertive and in solidarity” because it destroys these ideas of women of colour being submissive and quiet.

    Another important point I found in the interview was how Sara talked about what it really means to be an ally. Too often the definition of an ally gets messy and many people think it means to speak for minorities rather than help them speak for themselves and share their own views. I find that it is especially important to get this definition of an ally clear and straightforward so that within social movements allys of privilege know where they stand and how they should be standing to help out people who may not be in the same position of opportunity of them.