Trump Repeated His ‘Pig’s Blood Bullets’ Lie, Here’s Why That Matters

  • El Cid

    Pig blood is not Kryptonite for Muslims. Muslims don’t eat swine flesh that is all. Muslim dietary laws are almost identical to those of Orthodox Jews and Jesus. In fact early Christians did not eat pig flesh either. It was the self anointed faux apostle Paul who abrogated Jesus’ teachings and the Law of Moses and told his Pauline flock to eat pig and any filth they can get their hands on. And irrespective of how Muslim dies or killed and matters not what is done to a Muslim’s body after death, Allah makes him whole again, in perfect health, young and youthful. This goes for non Muslims too, for that matter. Read it in the Noble Quran.

    As for this story of bullets dipped in pig blood. It is a Christian Pagan myth and fantasy and of our President Trump. There no truth to the story however that General Pershing ever told his soldiers to execute Filipino Muslim fighters with bullets dipped in pigs’ blood. In fact Pershing had left the Philippine and the US war on Filipino Muslims was officially over when the Americans surrounded the Moro Muslim villagers and began a genocidal slaughter. Muslim men women and children were butchered. They had been told to become Christians or die. They chose to die.

    I have seen old photographs in family archives of Moro Muslim bodies – men, women, children, babies – all piled up with US soldiers standing over them. Some of the Muslim women were nude, had legs and arms and hair in disarray, their clothes torn off, with visual indications that they were raped before being murdered. This latter modus operandi has been repeated and verified in Iraq and Afghanistan too.

    It is no wonder then that the Taliban Warrior – Muslim villagers, farmers with guns actually – have taken the world’s most powerful most scientifically equipped war machine through its paces for over 16yrs and trillions of dollars … the US military through its longest war in history and defeated it in the battlefield. MashaAllah! Alhamdollilah!