There is Zero Moral Equivalency Between Neo-Nazis and the ‘Alt-Left’

  • Nessie

    The alt right and the alt left are vehemently and “morally equivalent” in their anti-Israel and anti-Semitic stance and goals.

    The alt right unabashedly shout things like, “Jews will not replace us,” while the alt-left shout things like, “from the river to the sea,” and “long live the Intifada.” This is not “criticism of Israeli policies” but a call to annihilate the Jewish state and turn it into the 57th Islamic State. They shout down Jewish speakers they disagree and disrupt Jewish/Arab cooperative meetings.

    Antisemitic tenured professors like Joseph Massad of Columbia University, who preaches hate in the classroom and prints nauseating vitriol like, “THE DESTRUCTIVE LEGACY OF ARAB LIBERALS,” in the Electronic Intifada, belittle Arabs and Muslims who aim to live in a cooperative happy world in exchange for “no normalization with Israel and the Jews.”

    He feeds the alt-left who consume and spew distortions and outright lies about Israel knowing that if there is no Israel, there is no place for Jews to go as antisemitism increases, on the left and the right. He is no different than Hatem Bazian who founded SJP. If he were really concerned about the well being of the Palestinians, he would encourage talk and not bullying and violent theatrics, he wouldn’t call for an Intifada in the United States. He too feeds poison to the alt left.

    The alt-left is a gross mutation of genuine liberalism – classical liberalism who let people speak and are willing to listen to ideas that challenge them.

    The protesters countering the White Supremacists were not all alt-lefters, but simply many reasonable people objecting to the hate – whoever spews it.

    The alt right and alt left are hateful and destructive and trying to illustrate that there is no “moral equivalence” between them does not indicate by any means that one is free from toxicity. We can do away with the ideology of the “book ends” and keep the books.