A Muslim Girl’s Response Guide to White Supremacy

  • Suzanne Shahadah

    An excellent article. I just followed one of your links to resources and noted a few books to read. I really appreciate your pointing out, once again, that we have a responsibility to educate OURSELVES rather than making others do the work for us.

    Thank you as always for doing this work. So necessary.

    • Ajay Kumar

      I don’t think so. Too one sided. Not objective, not balanced.

  • Ajay Kumar

    “A Muslim Girl’s Response Guide to White Supremacy.”
    Racist much? You have missed the obvious.

  • Ajay Kumar

    Your article has racist smells? You seem to have missed the obvious.

  • Copyright101

    Close the borders, deport the invaders, crush the traitors.

  • The300

    Muslim supremacy has occurred for 1400 years. Muslims are the last people to lecture on tolerance.