Gaza: Drowning in Sewage and Living in Darkness

  • Agnostos

    So whats new. Its called attrition. Reducing the population, gradual extermination of the Palestinians. Final Solution of the Palestinian problem. Gas chambers and ovens are so passe, last century.

  • Nessie

    Gaza had so much potential. How tragic that instead of building upon the gifted greenhouses left by the Israelis in 2005, militants destroyed them and used the space for rocket launching. Too bad Hamas doesn’t use the international aid to buy electricity and build positive infrastructure but just tunnels and fear.

    There are articles indicating how Hamas is deliberately trying to get sewerage into the coast to harm Israel (Ecological terror).

    Destruction, destruction, destruction. So awfully sad for all.

    Hopefully they will learn that their life is more valuable than a Jew’s death and peace can be had (hopefully imams in California will learn that too).

    • Younus

      I think to grow you need clean water, uninterrupted power supply and excess to market. Lets work togeather to make it happen. Let’s sit down sit down and puts our thoughts together and find solutions.

      • Nessie

        I think that would be fantastic!
        The Israelis would think that would be fantastic!
        Hamas has demonstrated that they would not be so pleased – they aren’t exactly fans of dialog and coexistence and so, so many suffer due to the rigidity of their ideology.

      • Nessie

        One of my favorite journalists, Arab Israeli Khaled abu Toameh, touches on the problem in his piece, “Why Palestinians Cannot Make Peace with Israel.” That focuses on the Palestinian Authority, also abusive to their own citizens not unlike Hamas is. He has plenty of pieces on Gaza as well. I would applaud anyone who could get people influenced by the Palestinian Authority or Hamas to understand that peace is a good thing. Unfortunately, for a Palestinian leader to promote genuine peace with Israelis could prove to be deadly to anyone who tries with any success.
        It is a conundrum. The Islamists don’t want to live with the Jews – and the Jews want to live.