Meet the Director Behind the Upcoming Documentary on the Muslim Ban

  • El Cid

    “Nausheen Dadabhoy: “An Act of Worship” is a look at Muslim-American activism and resistance in response to the Trump administration’s policies targeting the community, in particular, the Muslim Ban. The film will focus on organizations like CAIR that are the standard bearers for protecting Muslim civil liberties.”
    A brave initiative. A commendable effort empowering American Muslims. Indeed it is an “Act of Worship’. May it turn out well and encourages others too – to be practical, assertive and productive.
    Well done.

    • steve bachrach

      Impossible to find a better director/leader for this project than Ms. Dadabhoy. Her exquisite visual sense and firm command of storytelling will contribute mightily to this important work.

  • Grrrl Power

    It’s not a Muslim ban. Obama did the same thing with Iraq. Was that a Muslim ban? Get your facts straight.