The Internet Isn’t Real: I’m Battling Poverty, Job Security & Inner Demons

  • nisaalink

    About to hit up your instagram. Ramadan Mubarak Sis!

    • Leah Vernon

      Haha. Thanks sis :)

  • Reflecting Pool

    GoFundMe exists for people like you. I am employed, poor, and altogether a fucked up human being, but I’m afloat so I don’t go start one. I saw Facebook friends of mine start gofundme’s for things like they wanted their dream car. Yeah, they want stuff.

    You have all the support and plenty of reason. Your fans spend their time looking at what you spent so much of your time giving them. You’ve seen they’ll give back. Get paid for your work however you can

    • Leah Vernon

      I was thinking of doing like an Indigogo or something. I just don’t want to be ‘that’ person. Even though, I do need to start getting paid for me work. And you are not a fucked up human being. Stawwwwwwwwp!

      Your’re awesome :)