I Ignored Islamic Marriage Advice, and This is What Happened

  • HudaA

    Sounds about right.

    These same people who insisted that she leave her (otherwise peaceful) marriage would likely be the same people insisting that she stay in an abusive marriage with a Muslim husband. More women should disregard Islamic marriage advice and stick to their core moral compass that we’re all born with, along with *very* select scholarly input. Unfortunately, our turbulent times absolutely necessitate this attitude.

    • Omar Shakir

      What exactly was the ‘islamic’ marriage advice? She gave the story the title. But in the text she didn’t detail what was the advice of Islam by detail or scholars of the faith, actually. I only make the distinction because what Muslims say and what Islam says in many cases is not the same thing. She was told to have him say Shahadah and to hope he believes eventually. That certainly isn’t an Islamic directive.

  • Grrrl Power

    The fact you studied religion as a major means that you are not a Muslim. You are religious, and Islam is the most extreme expression of this, but you are not a Muslim.

    The fact you ended up with a Muslim man makes you even less of a Muslim. He is a Muslim and you are not.

    Good luck, and at least look forward to getting bored with Islam / Religion. You won’t be able to look your kids in the eye and bring them up as Muslims and that will tire you out even more.

    • Suzanne Shahadah

      Don’t worry, Amanda Sadler, Grrl Power doesn’t think ANYONE is Muslim enough if they convert! You are fine as you are and I found your article interesting and informative. 😉

      • Grrrl Power

        Do worry Amanda Sadler, for the sake of your future generations. An Islamic scholar has issued a fatwa that Muslims must not take space-flights to other planets.

        This means the inevitable and untimely demise of Islam, and even more sadly the voiding of the claim that Islam is eternal.

        If you do wish to pursue a religion, may I suggest Jehovah’s Witness as they are the most likely to move unmolested amongst alien lifeforms and potentially thrive.

        • Oumou Fofana

          What are you even doing on a site that preaches about a religion you don’t like? Go read something more interesting on breitbart since that appeals more to your simpleminded and irrational way of thinking.

          • Grrrl Power

            Go invent a username that doesn’t sound like a painful vagina. Hehehe, ooh my foofoo!

          • Suzanne Shahadah

            Ok, that’s REALLY prejudiced, and I think you’re better than that. You said elsewhere that you think of yourself as liberal; insulting someone’s name is classic white privilege and microagression behaviour. Insults do not advance your arguments.

          • Grrrl Power

            Accusing a liberal of a microagression is a nanoagression.

            It is THESE tiny tears of aggression that make up the ocean. Luckily for you I have a little safe space I can lie down in for a while, suck my thumb and look at cat pictures.

            And when I am fully recovered, I shall unleash a storm of HYPOCRISY on you, the like of which you have never seen before.

          • Suzanne Shahadah

            You and hypocrisy go hand-in-hand, apparently. It’s the “your name is weird and different and I will mock it!” attitude that I object to. Grow up.

          • Suzanne Shahadah


  • Mohammed Ashra

    An inspiring story of perseverance and character. May Allah protect you from the haters.

  • Omar Shakir

    The advice that she was given to leave her husband was quite sound. Because it worked out for the better and for the Islam of her husband doesn’t mean that the advice was not good. What should not been seen as just advice is that the Quran states that a Muslim woman cannot marry a non-Muslim man. But in this sister’s situation it was that she was already married to a Christian, while she was Christian herself, and she then converted to Islam. From a precedence that occurred during the time of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, we see that a husband in such a scenario would be given da’wa and time to consider Islam. But the question would then be.. how much time? Matters of being intimate and children that come from the union while the marriage is in a type of ‘limbo’ is really an issue of concern from the texts of the faith. – Congratulations sister. May Allah bless you, your husband, your union and family. Ameen