Did Trump Just Sign an Executive Order Reversing Separation of Church & State?

church and state executive order
  • Lemuel Rossiter

    “Reversing separation of church and state” How so? The Johnson Amendment is not a founding document, but dates back to 1954. The Constitutional injunction for Congress to not make “law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the freedom of speech” has nothing to do with the Johnson Amendment. In truth, Lyndon Johnson was probably trying to suppress the Black Churches who were powerhouses of the Civil Rights movement. Restoring the churches’ (and mosques’) right to speak freely is just the opposite of uniting church and state, since the Johnson Amendment absolutely was a law concerning religious establishments. Separation of Church and State is a two-way street; while modern secularists often minge about the interference of religion with the state, the earliest exercises of this principle were seen in the prevention of the state from interfering with religion.

  • Ashraf Nuri

    Then let us Muslims take advantage of this.

  • Ashraf Nuri

    Fine. Then let Muslims take advantage of this. Whatever any president does. Let’s get knowledge and exercise our human and American rights.