How the Right Wing’s Twisted ‘Sharia Law’ Already Exists in the US

  • Rohitt Sharma

    A very complicated article touching on the President and Shariah. I don’t get it?

    • Waleed El Bardawil

      I’m certain that it’s not the article’s fault…

  • disqus_xkGq56Mn53

    This article does not say one word on how noble Shari – Law is. It states how other bad people are, that are not the whole to justify Sharia-Law is ok. Coward= hiding behind something to make their bad behaviour acceptable.
    People stockpiling guns has nothing to do with Sharia Law. Nor does it make Sharia Law acceptable. Bringing up a few people purchasing guns with mental illness does not show how Sharia Law is good. There are many illegal guns on the streets. Mental illness is everywhere in every walks of life. Could it be Sharia Law was based on mental illness?
    Trying to twist that our laws have already meddled in our freedom is no excuse for Sharia Law to try to force inhumane laws on us to cater to their believes hiding behind religion. Assimilate to our laws or go where your laws are acceptable.
    Treatment of women- tries to justify Sharia Law by stating what some few bad people say or have done, but we do not allow the masses to make it ok. Nothing ever said about Sharia law not beating woman, almost making it like an excuse, to point fingers to justify their atrocities to woman. Look what he said so we can do what we want. No one is a slave.
    Child marriage- Again dos not say how it is not allowed in Sharia Law but dignifies it be stating a few things that have happened, not based on the whole. Trying to say a 15 to 17 year old going through courts without the reasoning behind as to why the marriage, is that another smoke and mirror, so forced marriage of very young girls on a normal basis is ok? Never was it said how sharia law treats people with dignity, just seems looking for more justifying reasons to make inhumane controlling behavior ok.
    Love for violence and guns- Author states racism ad point out a few things people have said, but we all know if we said whatever we thought on “allah” or “Mohammad”, then bullying would surely follow. Freedom of speech and freedom of thought. No case stating here what is good about sharia law, just scapegoating. No essence in this article. We are allowed to speak whether we like to hear it or not. There are many illegal guns in this country and people have their constitutional right to protect their own lives and homes, and again no relation to sharia law.
    I can say no “God” would ever allow “ownership” of another or sale own daughter for marriage. So how is “Allah” a god to teach control and not freedom to live. Man chosses to follow these rules by bullying and hiding behind “it’s my religion, so I can break the law”. Sharia law is done on a whole. Yes there are bad people everywhere, but there is the choice for helping those from bulling and oppression in the U.S.
    Sharia Law cannot exist and will not here. We have laws that do not allow for human trafficking, selling of children, wife beating, and those that break our laws should be arrested on our laws when done on our soil. Sharia Law does not apply to justify it. We do pay attention to our laws, you stop trying to enforce your laws here, in our schools and hiding behind its my religion so we need our special places to be inhumane and we do not like crosses etc so everyone else should bow down. NOT
    Go to countries that practice taking away human rights to live that practice it.
    We have spent many years working together to not to opresse each other, not going to go back to oppression because of some distorted written book on how things should be done.
    Give an inch take a mile. It is not all about you.
    It is our duty to help those that are being opressed in an inhumane manor, the ones that cannot do it on their own. There is no excuse for children being bought and forced into marriage, human trafficking, of any kind, I do not care if a religious book says so. It is not ROCKET SCIENCE.