Linda Sarsour Lands on the Cover of Essence’s Woke 100, but Something’s Missing

  • maliurj

    Perhaps the other activists were asked but declined…Allahu Alim. Furthermore Essence doesn’t want to many hijabis on their front cover…May offend their investors!

  • JamilaMillie

    It feels like to be black AND muslim would be too much for their cover :-/ But would be nice for them to have at one for representation. Feels like yet again we are invisible even from a magazine targeted at black people. I hope this changes one day and we get included. It is nice to see the Sarsour on the cover as it definitely shows positivity in unity in wokeness regardless of race. Overall, Essence it would be nice to show us black muslim women doing big things too, we are out there!

  • Guest

    I’m not Black but I don’t agree with the choice. African-American Muslims make up most of the Muslim demographic in the USA. You can’t tell me that they couldn’t find a single influential African-American Muslimah that would agree to pose for that photograph. Having an African-American Muslimah would be more honest and show-case the diversity of African-American women whilst also not allowing us perceive Islam, once again, as an Arab-driven faith. I admire Linda Sarsour – her work and struggles are admirable but this is just wrong.