Meet Amanda Saab, MasterChef Contestant & Host of ‘Dinner With Your Muslim Neighbor’

  • Sarah Diafi

    My hijab is a magic carpet

    Taking me to places I never knew existed

    I fly over the fields of sorrow, forests of regret, the black clouds of despair

    It all falls away beneath me

    I rise ever clearer, seeing farther than the hawk

    I see cities of men melt into history

    Beautiful languages entwine with exquisite thoughts

    All for Allah

    Ancient cultures, silken robes, and the quiet dignity of the righteous followers of the prophet, salalahu ali was salaam

    Camels who remember those that are cruel, and those who are kind,

    Men who respect women, who cannot even touch a woman, for it is haram in the eyes of God

    I am armoured in my hijab, my abaya protects me

    From those who would lead me down a crooked path

    Away from Allah

    I am no fairy princess, living in a harem, protected by walls and gardens and flowing fountains

    I am out in the world, amongst those who would do me harm

    For my faith

    I alone choose to wear my hijab

    It is my greatest honor

    It flies me ever higher,

    I see a paradise

    Where truth is sacred, and trust follows,

    And based on that trust, the rule of law as set forth in the Koran

    Before my hijab, I saw the world through a window

    Now I see the world without barrier

    And the power astounds me.

    My hijab is a magic carpet

    It can take me everywhere