I Tried Using the Diva Cup & This Is What Happened

  • Alexandra Bailey

    Thanks for sharing your experience, Eman. One thing though, you wrote that if men had periods it would end mysogeny. Actually, many transgender men do have periods depending on their medical choices. As gender non conforming people gain more rights and recognition, it will be interesting to see how this affects gender equality.

    I used to dislike having my period too, but I’ve come to appreciate it as I’ve gotten older. It’s a sign from your body that you are healthy inside, and it’s a reminder that you have the power to create life. Menstrual blood is also rich in stem cells and has been used by many indigenous cultures in rituals honoring the feminine aspect of the divine. Scientific interest in its healing properties has been growing recently as well.

    I used Diva Cup for about three months and liked it, but after that the silicone seemed to soften and it leaked a lot with every wear. I switched to Instead Softcups, which like, but they are plastic, and I’d rather not have that inside me. I’m going to order thinx underwear and see how that goes. I hope the Diva Cup continues to work for you. It’s a great concept, and I wish mine had lasted longer.

    • eha

      You’re right. It was a bad joke.

      • Alexandra Bailey

        Oh, I didn’t mean that I found it offensive! Just that male menstruatuon is something not everyone considers. I hadn’t give it any thought until I saw the thinx underwear ads that feature both cis female models and a trans male model.

        • eha

          I never realized that. But it makes a ton of sense.

        • eha

          That’s really interesting. Never thought of that. I just wrote for thinx too.

  • Sarah

    Eman, thank you for sharing your experience here! Not only did you answer all of my questions, you also gave me the confidence I needed to try it! I shared your post on my Facebook page and have encouraged more women to make the switch. I am more impressed by how open you are to talking about something that many consider to be a taboo and secret topic. How empowering! I absolutely love the Diva Cup, and I hope other women that are considering the change will as well!