While the EU Rules on Workplace Ban for Religious Symbols, What’s Next?

  • Grain

    It is Islam that has caused this problem for Jews and Seikhs.

    The sooner Islam is under control, the sooner non-fascist religions will be able to fully enjoy religious freedom again.

    • Guest

      So you think it’s ok to hold sincere people of all faiths hostage because of your paranoia? You’re really are deranged aren’t you?

      • Grain

        No. Islam is holding other religions to hostage.

        If Islam could integrate, this wouldn’t be happening

        Islam is the world’s biggest problem whether you like it or not.

        • Ferdinand

          I totally agree with Grain and I’m proud that the EU decided to ban religious symbols. Unfortunately Islam is holding other religions to hostage or have you ever seen a church in Turkey, Saudi Arabia etc.? I don’t think so!

          • Jarrad Sjahrir-Bradbury

            Saudi Arabia is a black mark on the world but Islam isn’t the cause. If there is a problem in Islam – it has been Saudi Arabian royalty who were funding it and suppressing all other forms of non-conforming Islam to make it so in their nation. They nurtured the almost militant fundamentalist train of thought (in Islam) that give birth to the perverted faith of the extremists we all suffer from today. Remember, though, Christianity has been corrupted in similar ways in the past. Is christianity the issue or those who twist the message for their own political ends?

            Islam is most certainly not an issue. The perversion of religion and the suppression of freedoms, however, is. Saudi Arabia, Turkey, France, and Holland are now all varyingly guilty of this.

            So yes your pointing at Turkey and Saudi Arabian examples is fine but remember neither are theocracies and both have a significantly potent political class who call the shots, including in relation to religion.

    • Shehryar Khan

      Can you please explain and elaborate on your statement further?

  • Shehryar Khan

    “What is almost certainly never okay is for an employer to tell an employee to stop wearing a religious symbol because a particular customer has asked for it.”
    A private company does have considerable leeway in there. As does the military and certain other professions and organizations.