What Happened to Raqqa, Once the Syrian Capital of Liberation?

  • Alisha Deshmukh

    Disappointed with your article. Sounds too much like a propaganda post. Complicated scenarios cannot be painted in black and white like you have attempted. Nice try but not convincing. Lost credibility with me.

  • Nicola

    Seems views restricted to one sided projection?

  • Agnostos

    Zionist Shill. Israeli funds talking. What a shame.

  • El Cid

    “Those who remain alive in Raqqa today live a nightmarish existence. They cannot leave and their life as Daesh captives is daily torment.”
    You are detached from reality, Julia Liar. What you have stated describes the generational nightmarish experience of Palestinians. And the holocaust committed on Gaza by the Jews. What to say of the ‘Shock n Awe’ over Baghdad and Fallujha and the total destruction of seven Muslim countries in the past decade by the Crusader.

    There is a war on Islam. Muslims are being targeted and suffering worldwide. You are propagandizing against the very small minority of them fighting back, desiring to live in their own homeland in peace and freedom. Why?

    • Jarrad Sjahrir-Bradbury

      What you are saying is that this is nothing new.