These Women Used #DearSister to Show Men’s Hypocrisy in the Ummah

  • Usamah Gilani

    Really good read. Us men have miles to go. I try and always put myself in women’s shoes to try and pick out any misogynistic tendencies, I must admit it’s difficult because my feet are quite large but I force them in good and proper. ✌?. ( I don’t actually try women’s shoes on lolll just a joke but I make sure I treat women as I would like to be treat)

  • Mikeman

    Ive compared the men of this ummah and Ive compared the women. I always believed the women were better, truth be told, the men are better. Why? Because when I remind a muslim man of his duty towards his faith, he at least listens, the replies I receive are 1) “I know, but I don’t care,” 2) “You’re right,” and 3) “When I’m older, let me enjoy my youth.” The women say to me 1) “Who the F-ck are you?” 2) “You don’t know me, you’re weird,” and 3)”Why me, cuz I’m a woman, lecture the men first.” While they hug and kiss the kaafir and say they treat them better. Wallahi, the kaafir takes pride in disgracing you, then the kaafir flaunts in front of us, the men. Not the opposite, they don’t raise in pride how the men have been defiled. If you don’t know the status of your honor as muslimahs, then you are mistaken. Why do we say Allah SWT cannot have a son, because it is beneath his Godly status to have such. When your status as a muslimah is so high, why take the opposite route and drop your status.