Plymouth City’s Clerk Resigns After Making Islamophobic Post

plymouth city
  • Fatima

    love this article, I am a future teacher in the making and part of my program is to do a research paper, and mine guess what it is about :) Being a Muslim Woman in America, and how it affect your psych and personality. Though I am not covered, people still have that perception that we are on a timer, you know what I mean. we need to spread the word, we are not what they say we are. Instead of showing how beautiful and feminist my faith is, I am constantly defending it.
    I am also doing a social experiment to show people’s view and reactions.

    • Marwa

      Hello Fatima,

      I thank you for your comment on my article. I am excited to hear more about your social experiment. I am hopeful that you will excel in teaching and send dua’s to ease the work of your research paper. Let me know if there’s anything you ever want to speak about!