MG Ally: Candee Rue Talks About Wearing Hijab as a Non-Muslim Woman

  • Suzanne Shahadah

    This article made me cry! :)

  • Salma Amrou

    This is really beautiful!

  • http://www.simplicityinvogue.com Andrea Brito

    Amazing article! Loved to read this!!! It is so nice to see her support! Hijab is beautiful :)


  • גבריאל חיה

    As a Jewish women who also covers her hair (it’s a requirement for Orthodox women who are married) this lady nailed a lot of feelings on the head. I have not felt any discrimination, thank goodness, but I am SUPER protective of hijabis because of it.

    • Guest

      Power to you sister…thank you for your support. It would be great to hear more from you and other Jewish and Christian women who dress modestly about what it means to you.

  • Lisa A. Shanklin

    Wonderful article. Thanks for penning it!! I’m sharing!!!

  • Suzy

    Like the author, I am a non-Muslim hijabi living in conservative Kentucky. I haven’t faced any discrimination or had any problems personally (possibly because I’m white?), but I stay aware and keep my eyes and ears open for any type of discrimination against the Muslim community. I’m a little old grandma and have long outgrown being polite. 😉