“Baby, it’s all good!” – A Poem

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  • magical_marwa

    a beautifully written piece!

  • Azeezat

    mashallah… This is very beautiful. =] I love how it flows, so elegantly and really sounds like something youthful, and really i guess the things that rings through in it is the truth

  • http://thepoetrykorner.blogspot.com/ fifi

    I sometimes feel this way and thats why i love this poem. Keep up the good poems and stories.

  • Armeen

    Masha’Allah!! she has got Insight!!!!!! Beautiful

  • adRiana

    reeeealllly makes me remember all the upsides to hijab!!! luv it!

  • Rya Fenner

    This is beautiful. As a convert to Islam, I have always had trouble explaining hijab to my family and friends. My father especially has a strong dislike for it that he makes known. This poem makes me feel good about myself because while I may receive negative reactions from others, I know I am doing what is right.

  • asnyra

    love this soo much!!

  • muslimah1

    ITS A MASTERPIECE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!