An Islamic Center Invited Over 100 Non-Muslims & This Is What Happened

  • El Cid

    “While it is important for allies to speak out and stand up, it is just as vital for communities, even small groups in rural areas, to open themselves up to the public and allow for dialogue and break down walls the president seeks to build.”
    I have yet to figure out what the president intends. His actions seem inimical to the well being of a small minority, counterproductive to harmony and progress. But he likely has a plan.

    However the reactions of many traditional private citizens is encouraging for the increasing oppression Muslim Americans are feeling. The people of small town Paducah have been supportive. This is in true American spirit. So there still is hope for an apprehensive minority. All is well.

    • HSkol

      Great work the past couple days. Trying my best to keep up. :)

      I do see why you want to be disassociated from appearing to be connected to certain others through a mutual friend (Joni’s discussion). Though it’s not my particular place to exchange my views with them, I do understand your views far better, and do find the placement of your thought far more humane and logical.

      Just wanted to say “Hi” more than anything.

    • HSkol

      Seems that I’m locked down elsewhere – apparently, comments need approval or something there. I provided an explanation that I hope you find. If it doesn’t post, I can replicate my reply for you elsewhere if you wish. I’ll leave you alone from here forward. Best wishes.