Rio Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad Detained at US Border

  • El Cid


  • Platinus

    WARNING! Narrative collapse has occurred! DO NOT be the last writer to correct this fake news story!

    ‘When asked about effects from Trump’s recent Muslim Travel Ban, Muhammad gave … some emboldening words: “Well, I personally was held at customs for two hours just a few weeks ago. I don’t know why,” she said.’

    Muhammed herself noted several days after her interview that by “a few weeks ago” she meant in December 2016.

    That’s right. This ‘anti-Trump narrative’ event occurred during the Obama presidency.

    In other Muslim girl sports news, BBC reports that some Muslim girls in Iran were arrested and will be punished for attending a soccer match! No doubt the writers at this web site will be knocking each other over to be the first to voice their despair and outrage at this ‘Muslim Girl Soccer Spectator Ban.’