How I Dealt With Narcissistic Abuse From My Step Mother

  • anonymous

    My mother actually still beats me and overall physically, mentally, and emotionally damages me. It has been happening since I was little, and she makes me feel like the “wrong” of the family, and pits my older brother and younger siblings (two little sisters and a little brother), against me, convincing them I am the reason behind all the problems and hate in this family. I am still considered a minor, so I can’t leave the house yet. I go to an Islamic School and after pouring my secrets to my friends about how this is happening, the word got around the school (to teachers, staff, and students), and it makes me feel like shit that I know everyone is talking behind my back, spreading my story, and giving me bad glares. The teachers are even worse, because they told my parents and instead of getting any help, I was just beaten more and my mom told them the reasons behind the beatings (that I’m just a bad kid and unworthy and useless), and now the teachers think lower of me too.

    • JustMe

      If you’re still out there and want to talk I’m here, no judgments or criticisms