EXCLUSIVE: Did Shepard Fairey Whitewash the Muslim Women’s March Poster?

  • Margaret

    I dont think we have to make an issue out of everything. Its our biggest problem. The photo was beautiful and once i saw it i understood the message. What happened on women’s match was amazing dont focus on the unnecessary things. Dont make an issue.

    • nena

      I agree!! We argue too much and let go of the main idea and the kind support to argue over skin color, plucked eyebrows blah blah blah.. Who cares what the girl looks like,… the whole not all muslim women wear scarves,.. bleh okay whatever but they all do when they pray.. isnt that the purest and most perfect presence of a human being in his life, when he is praying to his lord? and what do ALLL muslim women wear when they pray? The image is clearly also not propagandizing one skin color to muslims, the editors clearly were not emphasizing anything other than muslims, hijab, america and WE THE PEOPLE ARE BIGGER THAN FEAR..

    • Tracy

      Agree with you too. We’re making a mountain out of a mole hill instead of focusing on bigger issues. I, for one, didn’t see a white woman in hijab. In my minds eye, she could be any women of any background and she represents all women not just Muslim women. I don’t think the colors that were used were not meant to white-wash – it was just an artist’s use of color and contrast. Having high cheekbones, and narrow features with red lips could represent any ethnicity. And if she was painted as white, then so what? Yes the model is a brown skinned woman but what does it mean to be Muslim or to belong to the Islamic faith? Islam and Muslims are not homogeneous – we do not come only in shades of brown.

  • J.j

    Just a little detail that bugs me :) “She intentionally didn’t pluck her brows.”’ Oh, honey. Any girl- whether she plucks her brows or not- can tell a pair of plucked brows, lol, and that’s one.

  • Mina

    Racism in the Muslim community is a huge problem. Why not a wide variety of posters of all kinds of Muslim women – Black, Brown, Arab, White, hijab-wearing and not?

    Because they wanted one single iconic image I guess?

    Did she look white to you? I thought she was meant to be Arab (I didn’t see the original photo before I saw the poster, so I didn’t know what the original person’s ethnicity was). And I know Arabs usually represent all Muslims to most people (and it’s not helped by the many Muslim websites, newsletters, mosques, everywhere, that have Arab Muslims as their only or main spokespeople — I even see this on this site). I am a Bosnian Muslim who doesn’t wear hijab now (used to… may again someday) and I don’t feel like anyone in the Muslim community sees me, or the white converts/reverts, as Muslims really. The same I think is true for Muslims who are Black – lot of racism and no recognition.

    I would have preferred a poster with a Black Muslim to better fight the racism in our own community. But really, I would have preferred a lot of different posters to represent our diversity. Well it is what it is.

    • Tracy

      You make some excellent points

  • Niteangel

    He did not “ostracize” Muslims. He is blunt, and many Muslims got emotional and completely misunderstood his statements. His concern, just like everyone else’s, is about RADICAL ISLAMISTS. You know, the ones who want to murder us, and any Muslim they deem not Muslim enough. And its not his fault, not yours, if most radicals like ISIS are ISLAMISTS, and not Buddhists, or Christianists, or anything else. What he wants is to stop RADICAL ISLAMISTS from entering the country, not “regular” Muslims. And this so-called “ban”, is not actually a ban, it is a ‘semi-ban”, it is extreme vetting, so radical Islamists (or “innocent citizens” like the Afghan men who murdered Farkhunda Malikzada) cannot enter the country so easily, while legitimate refugees will still be allowed to stay after vetting. It is to keep all Americans, including Muslim Americans, as safe as possible.

  • John Donne

    The “Women March” was funded by Globalist George Soros, using foundation to overthrown governments to build a “One Liberal World Government” base on Political Control like China similar as “Sharia Law” Against woman freedom. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJkFQohIKNI