President Obama Just Commuted Chelsea Manning’s Sentence

  • El Cid

    “Several of my own family members and friends have served in the military and I am proud to support the honorable sacrifices made for our freedom and safety.”
    What honorable sacrifices have been made for our freedom and safety? Who threatened our freedom and safety? When was our freedom and safety threatened?

    What honorable sacrifices? In my time seven Muslim countries have been bombed into the stone age. Three of them permanently. Over 4.7million Muslims have been slaughtered. Over 63million Muslims have been rendered widows, orphans, blinded, maimed, made destitute, homeless, exiled. Muslim women and girls have been raped and sold into the flesh markets of the world.

    All of the above was done in the interests of a Greater Israel, not for our freedom and safety. Had Pakistan not guaranteed total nuclear retaliation, the whole of Islamic Civilization, including Mecca and Medina, would have been obliterated.

    Had Pakistan not threatened nuclear retaliation against Israel, with a second strike option against anyone having secondary ambitions, Iran would have been wiped off the map … nuclear annihilation at the hands of Israel and the United State. Deep penetration thermonuclear devices had already been delivered to Israel when the Europeans delivered this memo to the belligerent nations. Thank God for Pak Nukes!

    Chelsea Manning’s did the ultimate service for us lay Americans and whole of humanity by exposing war crimes and crimes against humanity done in their name by the Zionist controlled Military Industrial Complex. She was subjected to extreme torture because of it and for her gender issues. So extreme a torture that she tried to commit suicide twice last year.

    President Obama did the right thing by commuting Chelsea’s sentence. But if you read the small print you would know that very many other whistle blowers did not fare so well. The moral high ground of all of us peace loving American’s have been compromised by sell out to Israel. Chelsea is indeed a true patriot and a great American. And President Obama did the right thing.