11 Gift Ideas for the Badass Revolutionary MuslimGirl

badass revolutionary gift ideas muslim girl
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    lol I’m a guy and I kinda want the “A woman’s voice is a revolution shirt. dope af

    • Banksy

      I wanna see a guy wear it. Most of the guys i know wouldn’t be caught dead wearing something like that cuz they think they’ll be made fun of.

  • Kelly Grill

    I saw the founder of this site on TV. Could not believe the amount of makeup the young woman was wearing. I guess Muslimahs can dress like tarts now. Liberation, indeed!

  • AngieLove

    How about fighting for your Iranian Bahai sisters, and the discrimination they face:


    Or is that too revolutionary for you? Just stick with the t-shirts then.

  • Sukaina Juma

    God bless consumerism 😉 xxx