What Matchmaking Aunties Won’t Tell You About Marrying a Doctor

  • Kieran Mahon

    Really, those women should stop with their matchmaking and focus on getting lives. They need to read Jane Austen’s Emma and learn why matchmaking sucks. Romance is not a thing you can arrange. It just HAPPENS. Life’s crazy like that. You can intentionally try to find someone, and end up with no one. Yet, at the same time, you can bumble into a coffee shop one day, and end up finding your one true love.

    • Bessma

      I found my husband through matchmaking. :)
      Not everyone is meant to find their spouse in a random / romantic way, but that doesn’t mean they can’t end up happy and in love. It’s not all about *how* you meet someone.

      • Mariam Khan

        Good point, Bessma. I am happy for you. May you continue having and living in marriage bliss happiness.

    • Mariam Khan

      Depending on random chance, do you think that has merit, a better alternative to successful marriage and will hold against its dissolution, separation and divorce. What if chance does not come across in most peoples lives due to societal and social structure?

  • El Cid

    My observation is that women like to marry men who treat them with contempt, derision, insult them, abuse them physically and emotionally. Then repeat, find another with same abusive behavior pattern. Married or unmarried living together the general pattern is the same.

    They seek not love, care, companionship, romance … but only in theory. They find abuse – verbal, emotional, physical – sexually arousing. These women are often promiscuous.

  • Mariam Khan

    Interesting but one sided article. Arranged marriages have uses, abuses and issues. On size does not fit all.

  • https://www.sonshi.com/ Thomas Huynh

    How about you WILL marry a man who treats you well?