Are You A Carrot, An Egg, Or A Coffee Bean?

  • religous pheonix

    Wow this story is so … strong… powerful… I say I’m more like a coffee bean I get richer an tastyer. =)

  • http://www.twitter.com/moonhugger lunalovesgood

    I agree, very powerful story. I’m probably a carrot-shaped egg filled with coffee…

  • lulubelle1987

    Wow! Beautiful!

    Inshallah everyone is a little bit of coffee and an egg 😀

  • http://braileysbeans.weebly.com brailey

    This is a story with a great message, Masha’Allah

  • http://zenhijabi.blogspot.com zenhijabi

    What a strong message this article has. Thank you for sharing it.

  • Khalifa

    Life is all three, depending on the circumstances and one’s roots

    • adRiana

      i totalleee agree… sometimes, our circumstances take the best of us, but it’s never a reason to back down

  • Veiled

    This is a beautiful and inspiring story, with good advice to obtain from it. Thanks for posting this, sister.

  • hira786

    im kind of confused with this, can some1 explain please

    • Feride Ahmed

      CARROT( that is spiritually strong person)~ after been boiled(going through difficulty), it becomes soften (weak and finished, giving up)

      EGG(a person with soft, pure heart)~after been boiled(going through difficulty) it becomes hard(heart gets rough, feeling-less, ruthless)

      but the coffee bean becomes BETTER after calamity, unlike the carrot and egg. The boiling(calamities) polishes and strengthens its greatness :)

  • Armeen

    hmmmmmm…only 1 word….DEPTH! Masha’Allah

  • http://muslimasinus.webs.com/ muslimahinus

    very wonderful

  • bajooka

    Awesome story. Really deep meaning. :)

  • masha4

    ..i don’t see why the father had to waste everyone’s time and the water to boil the food. she could have imagined the feelings..why always complicate and extend with unnecessary metaphors.

    • Feride Ahmed

      its because explaining something with an experience helps the information to be stored in the brain, long term.

  • Salma

    amazing subject i like it the father is so smart he’s right when we have a lot of problems we have to stand and fight and learn from our exeperience

  • Nazeeha

    Masha Allah I enjoyed the fathers creative analogy. Coffee bean here!

  • HanifaKitty

    I am the coffee.:)

  • asnyra

    masyaAllah!love this..

  • Hidz_funtabulous

    i’ll try my best to be coffee..