10 Statement Pieces That Prove Tatreez Is the New Black

  • Cayley Pater

    So wonderful to see tatreez embroidery covered here! Thank you, Amani for showing these examples of tatreez on the market. I am the Assistant Director of Darzah (the social enterprise that does the #5 tatreez embroidered flats here). I would like to add that the distinction between hand-stitched tatreez and machine-embroidered tatreez is very important. The artistry involved in the handwork is at the core of the tatreez tradition, as well as how the centuries-old technique is passed down from mother to daughter. In fast fashion, low prices unfortunately dominate the market, and mask the process of how products are made. It’s really important to note when tatreez is hand done, and when it is ethically produced (artisans are paid living wages, etc.), and when it is not (oftentimes when it’s an astonishing low price for the amount of work, because it’s machine-done or the transparency isn’t there).

    At Darzah, ethical production and telling the story of tatreez is at the core of our mission. To learn more about how Darzah is celebrating tatreez embroidery and supporting refugee and low-income women artists in the West Bank, check out our video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvVvwO6pyn4