A Wallah Bro Told Me He Loved Me — 2 Weeks In

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  • Lemuel Rossiter

    Jeez, that dude is all kinds of crazy. Any idea if his creepy friend got charged?

    • Author

      I’ve been keeping tabs on it, but nothing yet. It’s definitely enough to charge him I would hope.

  • El Cid

    Creepy! His friend, I mean. Did his friend show interest in you? Did his friend want to marry you? Did he want to have intimacy with you before marriage, before he told his mother about you?

    He discussed you with his mother. That is about as big as it can get, the biggest step a guy takes when he wants a girl in his life. One big final step he takes before he proposes to the girl he loves. He tells the woman who carried him for nine months, gave him life, gave him birth, suckled him and loved him unconditionally beyond measure all of his life…that he has found a girl he loves to share his life with. He tells the woman who has loved him about the woman he loves. He was frank with you about his creepy friends. That is about as close and intimate a guy, a Muslim guy, can get short of having you in his arms.

    He did not have to tell you all that if he did not love you, trust you. In guy talk/mansplaining, he was telling you that he was not like his friend. That he was an upright man. A Muslim.When he said he will wake you up for fajr that was as loving a thing for a practicing Muslim, like bringing a cup of coffee on a weekend morning to ones wife.

    Love takes a life time, these are the little things that make it so. Love is built brick by brick. Saying or implying by words and actions “I love you” declared his truth, the first step…the last step before love is complete and sealed forever is when you lay your love in her grave and in angry and in grief cry out to your Creator: “Why did you not take me first?” As you wish you were in the grave beside her, before her.

    Love at first sight is not relevant in the Feme Age. Love came to you and knocked at your door. You laughed and ridiculed it. You have had your chance. Love does not knock twice. Sex every weekend, twice on holidays. It is two years since. The clock will run faster each year from now on, accelerate!

    Have a nice day FemNazi.

    • Author

      You’re gross. If you know you’re friend if sexually exploiting women and you do nothing to stop it, you are scum of the earth. Please take your ideas of love elsewhere.

      • Author

        Oh I forgot to sign it, FemNazi. Cause you best believe I’ll wear that badge with pride if it keeps me away from rape-culture-spreading men like you and the featured Wallah Bros. Please email me if you’d like your own feature. xo

        • El Cid

          “Oh I forgot to sign it, FemNazi. Cause you best believe I’ll wear that badge with pride”
          FemNazis’ have corrupted morals and memories. A Muslim girl would NOT wear that ‘Badge of Shame’ at any cost much less with pride. It proclaims the ultimate degradation of women before men: “I am a S|ut, do me” to the World.

          “if it keeps me away from rape-culture-spreading men
          like you”

          You are shamelessly presumptuous. I don’t rape. Not for a million bucks or more can I do harram. I have saved three girls from brutal rape on three different occasions in my life.

          Once almost at the cost of my life when a girl was flailing and screaming and crying in the woods as I jogged by: “Allah, Ya Allah in the name of Muhammad help me. Allah please help me”.

          Two men had her pinned to the ground, stripping her, trying to spread her legs which she was holding together curled – crying, screaming shouting, with all her might… two men, two armed men! She looked at me and pleaded Khuda Ke Waste, Allah ke Rasul Ke Waste”. The World disappeared around me. All was silence and in slow motion. All I could see was them the trio. A strange feeling of power and prowess and invulnerability flowed into me, through me…

          I have made one judgmental mistake in my life but that was on the on the Internet, not in real life, when I misjudged a girl as good but who turned our to be an older woman, an experience older woman, a S|ut.

          In real life – when you are like me – keeping girls, some women too, off me … and I mean physically off me has been a chore and a ‘Test of Yusaf’ repeated over and over again for me – that I have passed many times more than he did.

          I don’t do Harram. I have been made immune to Harram in any and all of its many versions and temptations. Angels watch over me. I have not failed these tests by the Grace of Allah.

          Please email me if you’d like your own feature. xo
          Thank you. But no thank you. No disrespect meant. I may want, perhaps one day, but my time at this time is already tightly organized. Setting some apart to comment in the name of Islam is all I can do at this time. In commenting on your article, I am encouraging your work, challenging you to think things through – not just criticism for the heck of it. It is not.

          I think MuslimGirl is doing well without me and will continue to do better, exploring, daring, and provocative…examining, testing Muslim girls life from all angels. Lighting it, enlightening us. Thank you.
          Wish you and Muslimgirl well.
          Be well, be safe, all of you.
          Peace & blessings!

      • El Cid

        In the real world you need solid verifiable proof not talk. The law wants to see hard evidence not hear say – he said, she said, this and that – which can be denied by hear say alone.

  • Real Feminist

    The guy sounds like no prize, but the author sounds unstable as well. She keeps blaming him for why she stayed instead of taking responsibility. Honestly, these articles come off as vindictive and like the man has moved on whereas the woman is still a jealous mess. Feminism is about equality in personal responsibility as well not just in perks.

    • Author

      Vindictive for reporting a man who was sharing revenge porn? If that’s vindictive I’ll take it boo ??

      • Cloudy

        Actually you covered for his friend until you two broke up. You only spoke up after you got dumped. So you are just as complicit in protecting that creep, boo.

        • Author

          No lol. I didn’t say anything until I could find someone to hack his dropbox so that I had something to give the police. The joys of being a journalist is that we understand the need for a paper trail and actual proof. But thanks for trying to explain my own story to me boo xo.

  • http://sakeenahbegum.com Sakeenah Begum

    I honestly did not understand the purpose of this article. How is it helping in constructive discourse? sakeenahbegum.com/

    • Chichi

      You must be new here. This site is all about being a whiny feminist mascarading as a muslim site.

      • http://sakeenahbegum.com Sakeenah Begum

        lol okay