Veiled Muslim Woman Was Violently Shot Dead in France

  • Reem

    Are we sure this was an Islamophobic attack and not a personal attack? Are we being just as bad as the other side when they rush to deem and Muslim attacker a terrorist if we rush to deem any attack on a Muslim Islamophobic? I am not saying that it is not possible that it was – just that we should be careful and diligent, just as we expect others to be.

    • Marc Fogarty

      Careful being objective might put you offside with the hypocrites.

      • Aneesa

        Um ok…I’m assuming that yours’ was supposed to be some sort of intelligent comment … But flippant comments aside (because the whole “hypocrites” thing isn’t working), Muslims are experiencing heightened Islamophobia in France where hijab-clad women are the physical targets so its not far off to assume that this could be an attack from a bigot. Being “objective” can be difficult when physical attacks and vandalism is happening every day to Muslims in that part of the world, and there is the natural instinct to lump it with other hate crimes. However I do agree with Reem, we need to explore all avenues before rushing to assume a motive. Due to the violent nature of the shooting, it looks like someone really couldn’t stand this woman so maybe it is personal.