Hijab? It Protects the Valuable

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  • http://goldseas.livejournal.com Megan

    what a wonderful, inspiring post! :)

  • Reema

    I actually LOVE this article! Thanks for writing it :)

  • http://muslimasinus.webs.com/ muslimahinus

    That really is something i would remember for my whole life. That truly inspiring.

  • Kristal

    I love it so much. Its truely inspiring

  • nurfarhanah

    i agree with this article. but is there any article i can refer to for suitable, simple and natural make-up for teenage girls wearing the hijabi?

  • WaoOoma

    Asalamu Aliekum sister,

    Masha’Allah, what a beautiful story.
    I use that analogy,too(diamond).
    It’s a good one to tell to new converts…because, they’re usually confused about why hijab is important.
    I remember telling one convert about the diamond analogy, and she cried…masha’Allah!

    Jazak’Allah khair for sharing your story.

    and you used my photo…that’s how I found your article.lol.

    Your Sister In Islam,


  • Mahmoon

    Mash’Allah, a beautiful article indeed :)
    Fi aman allah

  • Kenza

    Assalamu alaykum sister! I love your story .I just have a friend (also Muslim ) who has never worn hijab as she has grow up in the USA. When I met her first time I was surprised as she shared bit different viewpoints that I do.Next day when I just met her on the bus she was wondering and being honestly surprised on the clothes I wore.( Black loose trousers with blue long sleeved Tunic and blue headscarf). She was smiling respectfully and said Masha’Allah. Since that time I am 10 times more proud to wear hijab and I proudly encourage her to do so.

  • Kenza

    Oh just a question How can I post photos or images?

    • Amani

      Salam Kenza! Do you mean submit them to be published on the site or just inserting them in a comment? To publish them on the site you can send them in through this form. To insert them into a comment, use this code (but remove the asterisks*)

  • layla88

    Subhanallah what a wonderful and inspiring post + analogy.
    And mashallah that photograph is beautiful. I am a revert and wore the hijab the first time yesterday and never felt more liberated. Allah knows best for sure!
    Jazakallah for writing this sister :)

  • Kari

    What an inspiring story! When I read this, it made me want to start wearing hijab now.