Here Is Why We Celebrate Eid Al-Adha

  • Religion_is_for_Idiots

    Why do people think what Abraham was willing to do wasn’t nuts? Because it was a long time ago? Imagine if your neighbor told you God told him to sacrifice his son. You would rightly call the police and he would be put in a loony bin. Religion is crazy but people believe these made up stories because it happened long time ago as if that makes it anymore believable.

    • Salma Ahmed

      thats why its called faith, you dont have to see it too believe it, and there is logic and things people would look at as in a scientific theory way, if thats the case the person shouldnt apply religion to their life, simply because they cant believe in god and not believe theyre are some things that science cant be applied to. Allah (swt)is unseen, yet if he brought down a book to us through prophet Mohammed saw, and it has the most truthful things that would shock you, stuff science figured out after the (quran) i will put my faith in it because i know its the truth, .Anyways time period did change, if you believe in god and hes unseen what makes you think that he didn’t have the power to make things that are beyond the limits of an explanation we cant even began to comprehend, he is god. The most powerful,and if Allah tells us this story in the quran, it is most definitely and explicitly accurate.