A Visit to Germany

  • Reema

    I wish people would try to look beyond the hijab and get to know Muslim women as real people and maybe find out the motives behind their decision to cover their hair, it would destroy all the useless barriers that have been set by ignorant people over the years. I absolutely loved reading this post! Thanks so much for sharing Amani! Have a safe trip! Salam <3.

    • Reema

      P.S. I think I recognize the background in your picture, you’re in Frankfurt, right?

  • Suezann.93

    How fun! and i love how you wrote your post now when your actually in Germany! I feel lke in time Muslims will be known and accepted just like christantiy is. Thanks for sharing this cool experience.

  • Maha

    I loved this post! It was awesome to read about your insights and experiences over there. I never imagined you’d see so many hijabis on the streets of Germany, though its sad to hear that Muslim sisters over there also struggle with the same societal constraints because of their coverings. But just like Suezann said, insha Allah one day Muslims all across the globe will be more openly accepted by others. I hope you have a safe flight tonight and keep us updated on your adventures!

    P.S – Rocking that pink and white outfit, masha Allah. =)

  • a

    Amooneh, I miss you <3 [ameer]

  • netboydz

    very important post , because it help to see more hijab and it gives confidence to our communauty… thank you very much.

  • machu_1988


    I am a muslim student studying in the uk and enjoying it very much :)

    i shall be visiting my friend in frankfurt next weekend. she’s a local (british, that is) and i was a bit embarrassed to ask her this question.

    my parents have reservations about my going to frankfurt on my own (my friend’s working there, so im meeting her in town) as they reminded me about the issues of hijab in germany.

    i was wondering, will it be safe for me to go alone? i am a bit worried now.. ive renewed my passport and everything to prepare for this trip, and will be gutted if it turns out to be horrible if im discriminated there :( help?

    thanks in advance!!!