Guys and Friendships

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  • Megan

    All excellent tips! Thanks for sharing. I think it is important to have male friends, because like you said they bring a new perspective to things, which is always beneficial. Boundaries are easy to keep in place if the guy knows why they are there and it makes things easy and comfortable for everyone involved. There’s no reason to shut people out just because you’re Muslim. =)

  • Farah

    Thankyou so much! This is a very nice article, I really appreciate you taking your time, and explaining about guys around us. I do have some guy friends, and they all know that as I am Muslim, they don’t do hugs, so that proves I have respectable friends.

  • Omar Ahmad

    Hmm, I’m a bit late on this but whatever. One of the reasons Islam says no physical interaction (i.e. hugs AND shaking hands) between male and female is because it may lead to other desires…But I very much doubt that if you hug Josh or whatever, that you’ll end up in bed with him. Or if you end up studying with Omar, you’ll be making out with him in the library It’s all good in the hood, don’t gotta be all strict. 

    • Amani أماني الخطاطبه

      Every Muslim has the responsibility to decide for themselves how they want to put Islam into practice; there are many young women that want to avoid that type of contact because it doesn’t match with their practice of Islam, and this article is to give them an idea of how to handle very common situations that they may find themselves in. The idea of “strictness” is relative to each human being :)

    • BillyBoB

      Well I’m very late. Ask yourself this: How many times does sex happen on any one night at a college? They all started as a handshake, a study group. It’s not like they met a complete stranger and said let’s do it. Islam tries to protect us from that.

  • Aisyah Amir

    Hello sister, I’m a tiny bit confused- is it alright to shake hands with males, or like Omar Ahmad has commented, it’s fine to touch them by virtue of the mentality of not ending up in bed with them? Apologies if this has been answered already.