4 Reasons to Attend Eid Prayers

  • Nawaz Ahmed

    Everything else is fine except for the first point…. The Eid congregation is not fard (obligatory) … It is one level down and is counted as a wajib…. If one misses the congregation of even misses the prayer itself then he is not expected to perform it

    • Noora Badwan

      Salam. Just like everything in Islam, there is debate among scholars as to whether it is fard or wajib. Many scholars (not all) however believe that it is fard ‘ayn (individual obligation) for every Muslim to attend based on the Prophet’s (PBUH) hadith stating that everyone, even women who cannot pray, should attend the Eid prayer to witness the gathering of the ummah. Ultimately it is up to individual interpretation, and either way the Prophet made it clear that it is extremely important for all Muslims to attend the prayer.