A Senior Saudi Cleric Says Taking Pictures With Cats is Haram

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  • Lynda Grine

    That’s what keeps the man busy? Cat-selfies? Not the poor hungry thirsty people? Not the diseases that need medical research to cure the sick? Not the women’s rights that seriously need to be revisited? No, his main concern is people taking pictures of cats… I know these clerics are hypocrites, but they never cease to amaze me…

    • Maya

      I so agree with you saudian people are such hypocrites

  • Armani Nasser

    this annoys me so much, if its not haram in the Quran then its not haram that’s it, keep it simple, don’t overcomplicate things, life’s too hard as it is and being a muslim in this society is even harder, they need to recognise that and help the muslims to develop and become better as human beings, not deter us from taking cat selfies!

  • J.j

    I don’t like the way she criticizes ‘Saudi Arabia’ as one big conglomerous thing. It’s a country housing millions of people and believe it or not they don’t all think the exact same way and agree with every fatwa issued. Also….even though this article ridicules the opinion, there is an opinion among yes, more than just ‘scholars’, that creating pictures of things with souls is wrong. Because of the narration from the Prophet in which he says not to copy God’s living creation or it will be a sin on you, speaking to a man who painted people. This has been clarified- as the article says- if not for a necessity *or* if doing it is for an important cause, such as teaching, which he was doing. Soo….whether I agree or not, I don’t think its right how she mocks what could be a valid opinion.

  • AJ

    If Pokémon is haram, I don’t want to be halal.