The Story of My Journey to Hijab

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  • Kenza

    Salaam sister, I’m so happy you’re back ! I like this article because it makes u face everyday problems.When I started wearing my hijab I simply put it on ignoring other people’s opinion. My workplace didn’t like it and I was asked to take it off. I simply resigned as an answer. The job I found after had no problem with wearing it but all my colleagues had as they were slightly racist. The whole place just gave me a big headache and I have resigned again. Now I have another job, and I was also asked not to wear it. The people are nice and the job is good. I have 3 Muslim sisters working with me also NOT wearing the hijab. I don’t think it’s the best thing but have no choice….

    • Sabrina

      Allah (swt) comes first. No matter how hard it might be, good will come along with it InshaAllah. If you are a convert, yes, it might take you a while to get use to it, but you eventually have to. You do have a choice sister. Plus, Now and days, Jobs aren’t allowed to tell you to take off your scarf! I am not a convert, but my sister in law is. She is also going through family struggles, but at some point if your family loves you they should be able to accept you for who you are & the decisions you make, eventually. Not wearing a scarf is not an option in Islam. Salam.