7 Festive Ways to Give Eidi This Holiday

7 Festive Ways to Give Eidi This Holiday

We are half-way through Ramadan 2016, and like many, we are starting to see the light of Eid at the end of the road. While some are beginning their holiday shopping, others prefer to stick to giving “old faithful” – cash (otherwise known as Eidi, given to children and women at the end of Ramadan for Eid.)

If you are searching for fun ways to pass out the dough, here are seven festive ways to give Eidi this holiday.

Get the party started with this fun present. Simply fill a clear balloon with colorful confetti and rolls of money for a cute creative gift.– Sugar and Charm


Reuse a Play-Doh container to hide money in as a gift.  This gift idea works great as a stocking stuffer!  Add a gift tag that says something like, “Here’s some ‘dough’ to play with this Eid.” — Mommysavers


Or you can individually wrap single dollar bills in festive EID paper! — The Meta Picture


If you ARE going to be more traditional, and just hand out Eidi money, then these cute envelopes for kids work nicely. — How To Live Like An Omani Princess


A scavenger hunt around the house would be fun to watch, and each child can have different clues for them to find their coins. — Planner Perfect


Here’s another fun idea:  Tape dollar bills together, and roll them up into a gift box so they come out like a chain! — Lov In Our Chaos


You can never go wrong with a money tree. There are tons of DIY how-to posts on Pinterest to help you make your money tree grow.


Written by Sam’n Iqbal

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7 Festive Ways to Give Eidi This Holiday
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