The Compilation of the Holy Qur’an

  • fatin

    very knwledgeable post sister……

  • faee

    MashaALLAH hun…m so glad u feel that way.may Allah bless us with beneficial knowledge…amin

  • layla88

    Very informative sister..a lengthy but worthy process for perfection! Jazakallah for posting this <3

  • natsheh

    modoo3 kteer 7elw
    bas bede a6lb mnek eza bt2dre t36ene 3n kefeat esdar elfatwa, y3ne el doabet o el a7kam
    l2no b3ml monaksha m3 wa7d Christian o b7kele eno kol scholar b3ml fatwa 3al keafo o eno a7na el muslemeen mokhtlfean m3 b3d

  • natsheh

    ah o kman bs2lne eno keef bn2dr nta2kd mn eno 3nd ma 3mlo dotting ll quran ma sar t7reef o t3’eer llm3ane
    ya reat tsa3dene

  • Mahmoon

    Subhan’Allah This was the handwriting of Hadhrat Usman (R.A) of the Qur’an wasn’t it?
    They showed it on Noor TV 😀