Review: I Tried the Halal Nail Polish From Maya Cosmetics. Here’s How It Went!

Photo credit:  Maya Cosmetics
  • Eman

    I’m the same! Looking forward to the one week I can write my work and enjoy looking down at the papers ? Thanks for the review!

    • Aya

      You are welcome! Enjoy!

  • Debra Ragab

    sorry, I not with you. One of the reasons we are not supposed to wear nail polish is the wudu issue, which as i side I think is a bunch of bull, the point of not wearing nail polish is not to draw attention to yyourself which is ultimatley the point of hijab.

    • iheartscarves 27

      Respectfully, I completely disagree. A Muslim woman is allowed to wear henna on her hands and nails. Does this not draw attention? By your argument then a Muslim woman should also not wear henna unless she’s covering her hands with gloves in public.
      In the Western world, wearing a hijab draws attention. Should I stop wearing it?

      To me everything depends on intention.

      Islam is not so strict in my eyes. It’s supposed to be easy and not so difficult. The concept of Inglot O2 nail polishes came when the founder thought of contact lenses which allow permeability. Should I also remove my contacts EVERY time before I do wudu? If the same concept is okay for contacts, then I don’t understand why not the Inglot O2 nail polish.

      Everything depends on intentions. If someone wants to beautify themselves for themselves, that’s not a sinful intention. You are allowed to beautify yourself, wear nice clothes and etc.

      Would it not be better for someone to wear permeable nail polish and pray their prayers vs. not praying at all because their nail polish is not permeable and wudu is invalid?

      At least this gives Muslim women options.

      Everyone has their own opinion and I respect that. I’m not saying you must wear this… You don’t have to… But, if someone wants to, let them. Don’t make religion so hard that people run away. It’s not supposed to be so difficult. And we women always tear each other apart.

      I’ll be honest I own many bottles of Inglot nail polishes. I’m glad there is an alternative. The truth is I do not wear nail polish all the time. I like having an alternative when I’m able to pray so on special occasions like Eid or weddings or parties I don’t have to keep myself from having to use the bathroom. I’m excited that there’s another brand and having it certified halal makes me very excited. I’m just wary it might just keep peeling off. I tried the other halal brand too, and I did not like it all. The instructions they gave on the Maya cosmetics website for wudu is what I already do with Inglot breathable nail polish.

      • Marian Pierce

        You’re right at some point. But nail polish is frowned upon because if someone wore nail polish while they they died. It will not be able to be taken off when doing ablution. The dead body will be washed with water not with chemicals. So nail polish cannot be taken off from a dead body.
        I know you’re thinking, they can use nail polish remover. But that doesn’t work because the dead body becomes cold, its impossible to remove the chemical then. There is no guarantee what they will do with the dead body.
        This is proven by people who do ablution on the dead body. You cant deny that.

        So rather use the henna as an alternative since it doesn’t create these problems and its a Sunnah.

  • iheartscarves 27

    I’ve tried Inglot O2 breathable nail polishes. It’s my favorite. I bought Tuesday in Love and I did not like them at all. I don’t want to bash them. To each their own. Anyone tried Maya Cometics and Inglot… please tell me if there’s a difference. I want to try but not waste money if it easily chips off way to easily. I would much rather get Maya Cosmetics it’s certified halal vs Inglot if the quality is the same. Inglot has mixed opinions and I’d rather have the same quality with no doubts for ease of mind.

    • Aya

      I tried Tuesday in Love, as stated in my review, and didn’t like how it peels. However, I am still wearing the Maya one, which I applied yesterday and there is very minimal chipping!

  • Maham Khan

    I’m wearing inglot as I type this and I’m wearing their matte finished ones. The only thing with the Inglot nailpolishes is that you can’t go more than two layers which I don’t like because sometimes even their matte polishes aren’t thick and dark enough. What I like about the Maya brand is that they have a matte topcoat so you can buy three nail polishes but wear them in 6 different ways and get more use out of them. More bank for your buck!

  • Greta Duffield

    I use to be a manicurist and really missed wearing nail polish. I’ve found there are so many water-permeable nail polishes on the market. There’s LYN, Inglot O2M, Maya, but my all-time favorite is Julep. ??

    • AutumnDawn

      Is all julep polish water permeable?

    • Aya

      Thanks for sharing!

  • Agus Tina

    I’ve got many of tuesday in love, because when i tried inglot i realized that it does not let water get in, what i do not like of tuesday is that it peel off so quickly… is this maya staying longer at your nails?

    • Aya

      It does so far. I applied it on Saturday night and still going strong. Minimum chipping.

      • Agus Tina


  • Joann Abdul

    How can one be sure that water is getting through for wudu? That’s my one and only concern.

    • Aya

      You can try the filter test that many people have done for Ingot & Tuesday in Love! :)

    • Agus Tina

      As Aya´s saying i tried aplying on a napking and let it dry, then i scrubbed a drop, tuesday was trully permeable, you will see it, inglot wasn´t.

  • SamR

    Did you try the filter test yourself? I’m asking because I just bought 3 colors from Maya and tried the test myself and it didn’t seem to work … water did not permeate through… I don’t know, maybe I did it wrong? Just curious if anyone else has tested Maya themselves.

    • Mariam Jameel

      It worked for me!! I tried the test several times.

      • Mariam Jameel

        Remember Maya’s instructions say to rub the nail polish for 10 secs. Also I made sure my coffee filters did not have any grooves, indentations, etc. as these affect the results.

  • Mariam Jameel

    Beautiful colors…I’m a bit paranoid so I actually did try the test on a coffee filter and…it WORKED! :)

  • J.j

    You know something that’s never mentioned in these reviews? How expensive these are! I mean, it’s a specialty product, and I get that. But….fifteen or twenty dollars on a bottle of nail polish??? With my babysitting money? I might as well hire my sisters to remove my non permeable nail polish every salat time, loool!!

  • Fatima Haq
  • Nadirah Ajees

    Hi just asking, do you remove the Maya nail polishes like other nail polishes with the remover or is it peelable?

    • Mariam

      its not peelable. You need to use nail polish remover.

  • Maryam

    Here’s one of Tuesday in Love’s videos of their permeability test against inglot.


  • Rozie

    Don’t be tricked. These nail polishes have different results depending on what it is being tested on which means that its the material being tested on is what determines permeability not the nail polish itself in these tests. Example: My test of a water permeable nail polish tested on a piece of regular paper vs on a teabag paper/coffee filter showed contradictory results. The teabag paper/coffee filter is like a net which means that water goes through the holes and it doesn’t matter what type of paint you paint the net with. Also in some instances water could mean water vapor that is already makes up 4% of air, it doesn’t necessarily wet the area under the nail polish. Tested it yourself but correctly with positive (no nail polish) and negative control (regular impermeable nail polish) and don’t test on coffee filters

    • Noor

      Yeah but Maya is actually certified by different scholars. I’m sure they did their due diligence.
      Additionally, I went to one of their exhibits and actually tested their nail polish vs. other brands. Maya actually worked, unlike the other brands.

  • Maryam

    This polish is another scam like inglot.. If you leave the water drop sitting on the polish it doesn’t go through. Rubbing the polish only creates an abrasion in the surface (in other words you’re making a hole in the paper). The so called “scholars” who are issuing these certifications aren’t chemists and are being tricked as well. We all need to do our research first before deciding what is and isn’t Halal.

  • Sara

    Biggest thing to think about girls is if it is really worth it to take the chance that this actually will work. Everybodys prayer is their own but to say something is wudu friendly i believe it is misleading for people. Not everytime its 100% permeable as people have had different results, so that in essence would make wudu tough to keep with this. Allah knows best but if it was my choice, i rather do wudu without using this knowing i dont have to worry about this. Salaam ?

  • Maryam

    Tuesday in Love just released this new video of their non peelable nail polish against Maya… interesting comparison. I wasn’t always a fan of their peelable kind, but it makes me wonder how legit the maya brand really is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZheLNnxbTg

  • Hanna


    I’m a chemical engineering grad student and I decided to have a look at this polish. I think there are a lot of people being misled here. When they do the permeability test and start rubbing the water drop, what’s actually happening is that they’re rubbing away the fibers of the napkin (basically creating tiny holes in it). This is known as “abrasion”. Technically if you rubbed almost any nail polish on a napkin or coffee filter hard enough you can force water drops to go through it because you’ve burnt a hole through it with your finger. This of course will not work on your nails, and hence no amount of water will go through.

    What bothers me the most about these kinds of companies is that somehow they’re getting these so called Imams and scholars who have absolutely no science or medical background to validate their claims wihtout any proper scientific knowledge. And in the US, cosmetics are hardly regulated and hence you’ll find enormous amounts of toxins, parabens, and dangerous chemicals in them.

    I strongly and humbly advise my sisters buying these products to do your research. If you’re not sure – ASK! And ask the right people. If your local Imam doesn’t know the difference between an oxygen molecule and hydrogen molecule, then chances are he has no idea about the science behind any of these experiments. Demand a valid answer from these companies and don’t fall for any of their marketing traps unless you are 100% satisfied with their response.

    I sincerely hope that my comments have not offended anyone, I’m only looking out for my sisters in Islam and want to share my knowledge with them. I love you all :)

    • Afeefah

      Salaams Sister! And Jazak’Allah Khair for the comment! In regards to the napkin undergoing abrasion however, isn’t the main point that the water has to go through the nail polish, and not coffee filter or napkin? –> Because they are trying to show that the nail polish is “breathable”?

    • Jay Had

      Salam alalaikom sis so mayas nail polish it’s not wudu friendly? Because I did the permeability test myself and the water didn’t came through