The Battle of Hunayn

  • Hira

    Masha’Allah, beautifully written.
    This article and the story of the battle of Hunayn is an amazing example of the faith that we should hold on to in times of distress or when victory isn’t cooperating with us. Allah (SWT) can turn things around for the best for his worshippers whenever he wants.

    • Reema

      I completely agree with you! If only people had an interest in the history of Islam, they would learn so much from it.

  • layla88

    Salaam walaikum sister Reema. After having a much heartbreaking argument with my buddhist mother and feeling hopeless and weak…this article and hadith brightened me up a lot, subhanallah. Thank you so much for posting this! :)

  • layla88

    And I too wish more people had the heart to learn about Islam’s history and not what the media shows. They would benefit much from it!