Qiyam al-Layl

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  • Mahmoon

    Mash’Allah sister a beautiful poem you have written keep it up !! 😉

    • http://love4ddeen.blogspot.com faee

      Assalamu alaykum ukht!
      thanks very much, May Allah make us among those who are steadfast in worship. amin!

      • Mahmoon


  • Mahmoon

    Where is everyone?
    It’s gone quiet :O

    • Amani

      wa alaikum asalam mahmoon!
      haha, we’re working on it :) insha’Allah things will kick back up shortly with what we have in store.

      • Mahmoon

        Salaam, Masha Allah good to hear. 😀

  • Menna

    Mashallah, this is a very nice poem sister. :)
    May I use it in my magazine? Muslimah Girl Magazine
    the website is under construction but I can send you the link of the previous issues :)

  • http://love4ddeen.blogspot.com faee

    assalamu alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatuh…i’m soooo sorry for replyin late habibti…ofcourse you can.please send me the link.i’ll be waitin g! jazakAllah khairan…