Ramadan for Converts

  • nurafiqah

    I’m a born Muslim and seeing converts like you who practice and observe the month of Ramadhan and try to do the best you can to be closer to Allah S.W.T — I have to say that I’m really ashamed of myself and my friends. 99% of my Muslim friends who are also born Muslim are far from what you sisters are. I’m trying to be the best Muslim but it’s so difficult. I seem to have friends that do all the wrong things. Eg, cursing and swearing during ramadhan, tattoos, wear tight fighting clothes etc. It’s more difficult to talk to them since they are born Muslims and they will usually shun you away if you talk to them. =( They favourite phrase – “We can repent later” Nonetheless, I know this is not an excuse. All the more, I should strive harder to be a better Muslimah and advice them although I have to admit, it’s very tiring to repeat the same old thing..

    Don’t worry sister, I always read the Quran even though I’m not sure what they mean. I know it’s not the right way. But I’m glad I at least make an attempt to recite the Quran. It will take years to know the Quran by hand. Take your time. :) I used to remember the meaning of some surahs. But I got drifted away from Islam for awhile, now I’m trying my best to remember the meaning of the surahs. Anyway, you’d be surprised that my Muslim friends don’t even know how to read the Quran and it’s just not one or two. So you’re definitely doing better than all of them.

    You’re right it is vital to have specific, achievable, realistic, goals. I have a checklist of sorts that helps me assess myself. How I’m doing this Ramadhan compared to last year. Definitely helps.

    P/S : Keep on writing and sorry for the longggg comment!

    • Bubbles

      Salam Alaikum Sister!

      So great to see that even born muslims read my column! Im very flattered:)

      As a convert, I totally understand what you mean with your friends ‘doing all the wrong things’. Its so hard to do the right things when your friends dont support you! What does really help me when I feel alone in my imaan is to go to the mosque or an Islamic Event to meat more brothers and sisters that are supportive and that will have a good influence on me. I always feel so ‘recharged’ when i have been around muslims that show me the right way of doing things…

      Its especially hard when i am faced with born muslims that do not observe their fast properly because they do not want to hear me correcting them at all. In that case I usually just pray for Allah (swt) to open their hearts and minds and lead them onto the right path.

      I wish you a lot of strength during this beautiful month and hope to see you on muslimgirl again soon insh’allah! You can also follow us on twitter and facebook to keep up with all the new posts;)

  • Kenza

    Salaam Sister,

    I’m glad to hear born Muslims opinion as well.Its hard to be a convert and learning all the things in a short of time what Born Muslims had nearly a life (since they were born) have learnt. Some of them are really helpful and knowing the things very well while I am so surprised how others just ignore reading the Quran,praying and even fasting. When I see someone like this I always think they just simply don’t cherish what they have been given and we are trying so hard to learn all those things what they are gifted with but not doing. I have some Muslim colleagues whom eat non halal meat,saying “oh we need to adopt because we live in a non-Muslim country.” , swearing smoking,going chasing other girls with having a family. etc.. When they talk to me I never hear an improper word, but as I am not death, I can overhear the conversations between each other. Its horrible. So don’t give up Allah is not leading whom are choosing the wrong path,but he leads us insha Allah!

  • Hira

    Assalam o Alikum my Muslim sisters,
    I just joined muslimgirl and Masha’Allah, I feel like this is really a place where I belong.:) Just to let you know, I am not a convert- I was born Muslim. But where I live, and the people I call my friends- are all non-muslims, so It sometimes becomes really hard for me to cherish my religion as dearly as I can. I am far from the truth and perfection than you guys are. Before coming to this website and listening to your stories, I felt like the only Muslim in my own little world. You see, it is sometimes very hard for us born-Muslims as well to deeply practice Islam and do righteous things from the bottom of our heart when all we see around us are unbalanced, corrupted people.
    As sister Kenza has said, many of the born-muslims who reside in my area do not appreciate the gift of Islam they were given as well. They dress indecently, swear, drink alcohol, eat non-halal and do not care one bit about what Allah (SWT) has commanded us to do.
    I just pray to Allah that Insha’allah in my upcoming future Allah (SWT) blesses me with people like you and blesses the people who are strayed from the righteous path with good Hidaya. Ameen

    • Bubbles

      Salam alaikum sister,
      Thank you so much for joining us here on muslimgirl! It makes me super happy to hear that this website has helped you…thats the whole reason we do this:) But we obviously cannot take any of the praise, all praise being due to Allag (swt)
      I hope you enjoy the other articles as well and would love to hear more from you insh’allah

  • Kalene S


    I am totally in on this one. I am a convert too, Alhamdulillah, but it does get extremely confusing. My family is not Muslim and except for one good friend, neither are my friends. Mostly everything I learned to practice I searched online for, and I could only imagine how wonderful it would be to actually be celebrating Ramadan with family. When I do not oversleep for Suhoor, I am the only one creeping to the kitchen to gather what I can so as to not awake my mother and my baby siblings. I hear from a couple of girls I know how their parents wake them up and how they have breakfast with their family, and I realize how they should really know to appreciate that. I see whole groups of yong people meeting for iftaars to smoke hookah, or people shrugging them off, when I have yet to go to an iftaar, and I would have not even thought about smoking during an iftaar or the sort! Me being 17 especially, it is easy to get caught up in not practicing what I am supposed to be practicing, since I have to depend on myself and I am sometimes weak and lazy. I’ve been very thankful to find these same tips online and even a little online booklet for new Muslims on this Ramadan. I would just say lastly, that especially if you’ve been exposed to these practices of Islam since you were little, please do not overestimate the tenderness of the convert at these times, and offer them the best example. It is what I saw the Muslim youth doing that I judged and linked with the representation of Islam early. And when I talk to a born-Muslim that is actually trying to practice and welcomes me in, I cannot express how heartwarming, reassuring, and refreshing it is. May Allah (swt) keep us all on His path.

    • Bubbles

      Asalamu alaikum sister!
      It is so nice to meet other young muslim convert sisters on this website!
      I can completely identify with how hard it is to keep proper fasts and stay on the straight path….
      Please don’t hesitate to add me on facebook (House of Bubbles) and/or twitter (MGbubbles) so we can support eachother insh’allah:)
      Hope to see you on muslimgirl again soon!

    • Zoya (Shurfa) Mohammed

      Assalaamualaikum sisters! :)
      Im a revert as well,n i face all the problems that u gus have faced! its really hard isnt it,n unfortunately,i couldn’t fast for my 1st Ramadan,which makes me feel soooo bad about it! I would cry almost every single day of Ramadan last year ’cause i wasn’t able to fast. And Pebbles,I face the exact same problem as u do,especially with the dressing,makes u feel so guilty doesn’t it?? And i have just one friend like u do,n her family gives me all the support!! Masha Allah! Iam an Indian,and its really very hard for me,since majority are hindus,and u know hindus,they are idolaters!! These people worship anything and everything,be it idols,cows,dogs,donkeys,”centipedes”,plants….and the list never ends…. i really pity them,pity my own parents ’cause they are very strong idolaters,n im reall depressed with the fact that my parents are not muslims! Insha Allah,they revert as well…and so would the non-believers!
      Will be looking forward for your reply! :)
      Allah Hafiz!

      • Zoya (Shurfa) Mohammed

        oops,I misspelled ur name Bubbles! =/

  • Eishea

    Asalamu Alaykum I am also a convert and this pretty much describes me

  • Aminat22 from Ireland

    Salams I am a new convert and I totally understand you.. This is my first Ramadan and I just had the most embarrassing experience ever! I really really really want to pray Taraweeh everyday at the mosque to increase my Imaan but I must not have gotten the memo that women rarely go to Taraweeh.. well in short I was the only woman there and had to pray in the corridor in the dark by myself of the house (which is the temporary Mosque) at my town.

    • Amani

      Women go to taraweeh! They are just as entitled to attend the nightly prayer at the mosque as men are :) I think it just depends on your community/area. At my mosque alhamdellah half the attendees are women and children! Maybe you can try visiting another nearby mosque to check out if there are more active sisters there.

    • Nahmala

      Wait, what? Women don’t really go to Taraweeh? I’m glad I saw this, or I might have made the same mistake! Ahhhhhh there’s still so much I have to learn!

  • marina

    I became a Muslim 3 months ago but this is my first Ramadan. I need help as when to eat and when not to. Can anyone help me please. Thank you

  • Lisa GAIL LUFT/Azam

    I mysels am a Convert 7 months now,moreover it feels like 7years,I saw that in a POSSITIVE way.I’ve gotten Married to the most loving man,+we both truely live each other,he is also my SCHOLAR as my Husband.MY LORD, ALLAH swt has giving to me much knowledge in a very short time.I know my dreams will come true bcuz iam Sufi.