The MuslimGirl’s Guide to College: College Life 101

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  • camnd90

    I think you really have some great insight! You are a great writer! :)

    • Mayesha

      thanks for the comment! really appreciate it :) <3

  • AshaM

    What for people who don’t actually stay at the dorm room’s and stay at there house while there at college

    • Malikatoon

      Yes.! that would be great advice. I’m 17 and i started Uni last year I’ve only seen two or three hijabis. I feel sooo stranded. 😐 we have a MSA (Muslim Student Association) but its mostly non-hijabi girls. not that its bad i just want to be around more people like myself. Hijabi 24/7 365! WOO :)

      • Mayesha

        Salaam ladies,

        Thanks for your comments! Although I am living with my parents now and can definitely give my own opinion of how to deal with commuting to uni, I’m afraid it wouldn’t be completely accurate because I did live in the dorms last year. (One example of this would be that most of my friends are the people I lived with and anyone else I met through them.)

        I’ll try to see if any of the other writers on the Web site could offer their own tips in a separate article, but if you guys have any specific questions, I could take a stab at them here as well. :)


        • Malikatoon

          Salaam Mayesha would you mind elaborating on your dorm experiences? I’d love to dorm but my parent don’t think the environment would be quite right. ^_^

  • Mayesha

    My dorm experience was very unorthodox. I lived in a six-person suite with an Israeli Jew, an Iranian Catholic, a Taiwanese Buddhist, a Chinese agnostic and an Irish-American atheist. (Needless to say, we spent many of our first weeks together learning a lot about one another and our beliefs.) There were also boys’ suites on my floor, so there was a lot of mixing between genders (talking together in common rooms, doing homework, that kind of thing). I also chose to stay in a dorm that was not designated as substance-free, so everyone I lived with drank alcohol and were not opposed to doing drugs from time to time. Boyfriends would come around to visit my suitemates as well.

    I will admit, it was a little jarring at first to figure out how to live ‘halal’ in such a compromising situation. As I have illustrated and I’m sure your parents realize, temptations are literally everywhere. However, I honestly believe that if you understand that the things you see everyone else doing are haraam for a reason, you will not be at any risk of following their example. I saw my experience living in the dorms as a challenge, and I am happy to say that I did not do anything that I regret.

    It is also worth mentioning that my suitemates and floormates are now some of my closest friends. Despite all of their actions that would have been frowned upon by my parents, they have always respected my beliefs and have never, ever pressured me to do anything haraam. In fact, they regularly go out of their way to accommodate me and make sure that I feel welcome. I believe that my presence in their lives has given them a much better understanding of Islam and how Muslims really are. By doing so, I feel as though I have also strengthened my own imaan as well.

    There are, of course, less controversial ways to live on campus. If the college has women-only dorms, that may be something to look into, and all colleges have “substance-free” housing in which you and everyone else in that building signs a contract not to drink or do drugs. Many non-Muslims our age also dislike drinking and drugs, and will be more than happy to be friends with you if you dislike being around people who regularly do those things. Either way, I really do think living on campus was an eye-opening experience for me, and I would not be the person that I am now if I had just stayed at home.

  • niqabi princess

    Is staying on campus even halal? I’ve pretty much looked everywhere for fatawaas on it but haven’t come across any……. and I need some serious HELP with this issue, the fall semester is starting soon and I need to make a decision in due time…..(*_*)/