My Path to Islam… What’s yours?

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  • Kenza

    Hi, I am convert as well with both my parents non- muslims.I did many things when I was young (now I’m 24) but when I converted I left my old life behind. Of course my mom and dad just did not agree thinking I became a brainwashed arabic or something like that.But as the time went by they just had to accept my decision about my new life and now they still feel a bit strange when they see me wearing the hijab but that’s my life and it makes me happy and confident when I see people smiling at me with respect instead of laughing and criticism.
    I am so happy we have you as a new sister! As I live close to London and regulary going on sisters day please feel free to drop me a mail if you need advice or simply want to have a new sister friend!

    • http://twitter.com/anouchka_vdd Anouchka

      Salam Kenza!
      Thank you for your comment! Hopefully I will be able to achieve wearing a hijab around my family one day but it doesn’t seem like that will be any time soon.
      I would love to go to some sister activities with you! Where about do you go?

      • Kenza

        Salam sister, just sign up on http://www.muslimconvertsnetwork.com and they send you all the events by email.I live in Reading but I there are events organised all around UK. If you lookon it there are also some fantastic Islamic classes as well. Luckily I found in reading but London is full of oppurinities. If you would like some nice clothes just pop down to Slough or Southhall! I hope you find full confidence and peace soon and of course many new friends!!!

        • Bubbles

          Thanks for the tips!

  • Mahmoon

    Mash’Allah. First of all i’d like to say congratulation sister about converting to islam and Allah (s.w.t) gave you alot of tests and still you never stood back, you just had that courage and realised that Allah (s.w.t) was with you all the way. Also, what about brother tariq do you still talk to each other?
    May Allah (s.w.t) keep us steadfast in our religion.
    AMEEN :)

    • http://twitter.com/anouchka_vdd Anouchka

      Salam alaikum Mahmoon!
      Thank you for your comment!
      Tariq and I are doing well alhamdulillah:)

  • Mahmoon

    Mash’Allah! 😀