Treating Hijab Hair

  • http://www.muslimstreetfashion.blogspot.com Haiina

    awesome article! <3

    • Reema

      Thank you! :)

  • khalood

    Salam Reema.
    I wear a hijab, and im loosing some hair because i wear a head band, and tie a tight pony tail because im afraid my hair might get loose at school or something..what should i do?

    • Wallaadah Abdus-Salaam

       Wrap your hair in a loose bun and the tie a silk scarf around it to avoid breakage.

  • chokyuna

    What a sweet article <3

  • Me

    I started getting excessive hairfall after warring the hijab :( I think it’s because I was tying it too hard and I got a lot of dandruff. I’ve lost so much hair it’s depressing.