Struggling to find info as a new convert

  • Kenza

    Salaam sister! I do agree with you it’s hard to find correct answer for your questions (I am convert as well) Luckily I used to have many muslim friends as well as a teacher who used to teach me the arabic pronunciation,reading Q’uran,etc. I only can say,try to find friends,search on internet.You can also pop in an Islamic bookshop for research. and if you find something interesting,just log in and share with us! :-)

  • Nicolle

    Salaam sister! I myself am a recent convert, i found it hard at first to tell family as i was raised in a conservation lutheran home and my father is a pastor. The best thing to do is going to a mosque, you can also request some literature at whyislam.com its a great site that has plenty of free books on islam and also provides you with a copy of the Q’uran. After learning about the beauty you can take your shahadah! its truly a beautiful and amazing thing!