Republicans and Muslims – Will We Ever Get Along?

  • Lauren

    Wow. This article is out of touch. The only reason Muslims voted for Bush was because Al Gore’s running mate was Jewish. Muslims feared that if he came into power, they’d be slaughtered. Although Muslims have now learned that it doesn’t matter who is in power. They’re still gonna get the short end of the stick. But let’s assume Republicans weren’t so blatantly bigoted, would Muslims still be attracted to that party. I suppose so. You are right in that Muslims believe in the self-made man. They like the traditional, religious, and family values that Republicans speak so much of. They think Democrats are pot-smoking loons. But the young generation of Muslims, like the young generation of America, are increasingly, if not entirely, Democrat. They are more pro-government involvement, they care more about social justice, they see things more in terms of big picture. The we are all connected, everything for all attitude, utopia dream is not as crazy as it used to seem. The more educated a person is, the more likely they are to be Democrat. If Trump is the best Republicans do right now, their decline is inevitable, if not also irreversible. Without the bigotry, the Republican party has little to offer anybody.