Muslim Feminists Respond: On Headscarves and Interfaith Solidarity

  • https://twitter.com/ashareem Ashleigh McSidhe

    It’s not as if Muslim women are the only one’s who cover their hair:

    • El Cid

      Yes true but they are not Mother Theresa in India. And the Hijhab is not just covering of hair. It is a Saudi imposed subjugation of women. The Hijab is a self imposed physical and psychological subjugation, imprisonment. Further, it is not mandated in the Qur’an.

      Muslim women should learn to adapt. In the US today they are viewed as alien, provocative, challenging, defective, weak. Worse, they paint a target on themselves for any passing disturbed mental case…unhappy, frustrated, druggie, boozed up psycho.

      It would not matter if it was an Islamic requirement. But it is not in the Qur’an. Simple modesty, rather Haya is. A Hijabi dolled up face with boy friend jeans torn at the knees, outlining the crouch and thighs is hypocritical. A finger in Haya’s eye. Such a Hijabi is a clown mocking God.